Undskyld, jeg skal oversætte det senere. Tak for din forståelse!

Hi! Seems you wanna know something about UNJEALOUS: Not bad! Most welcome! Just make a coffee (champagne is also possible of course 😀), sit down and relax…

I didn’t want to write a “dry” text. So, I thought it could be a good idea to create a list of questions and answers – a sort of an interview. And here comes the result.
(If you have a question that is not answered here, just let me know…)

What or who is UNJEALOUS?

UNJEALOUS was actually planned as a project with at least two members. But sometimes plans do not become reality.😔  Anyway, once I decided to setup a one-man-show. This means, UNJEALOUS is just me, Stephan. I live near to Hanover in Germany. I was born in Saxony-Anhalt (former German Democratic Republic) in the 70’s. At the end of the 90’s, I moved to Hanover.

What a person is UNJEALOUS?

Oh hell? I have no idea! Is there anybody out there who can answer this question? 😅 Hmmm…no, just kidding. I don’t wanna tell too much. Principally, I’m an introverted, funny and happy guy, man, boy, child… somehow something of everything.
I like loyalty, honesty, kindness, happiness and independence. I like people who act instead of talking.
I think, I should bring charity for children and animals more into the focus of my life as it is currently.
And if you wanna know more details…. just send me a message and figure it out…

Are there pictures – to imagine who UNJEALOUS is?

Currently not. Maybe I will add a page with pictures here on this site in the future. Let’s see…

UNJEALOUS – Where does this name come from?

People could assume UNJEALOUS cannot be or is not jealous. Or it’s provoking. But, that’s nonsense. The name comes from a discussion with a colleague years ago. He visited a developer conference and met a few very cool developer guys there. I had to stay in the office. And he asked me later on if I was jealous. I told him: “No, I don’t”. This was the birth of UNJEALOUS, that’s quite easy.
(Btw, as always, it has also a little bit to do with a woman I met at that time – but only marginally.)

What kind of music do you like?

Usually, I like all kinds of electronic music. But, in the 80’s I liked punk. Yes, punk! I was a fan of “Die Toten Hosen” and I still own several vinyls. In the 90’s I realised I really like deep bass & drum music and sounds which could easily destroy thick walls 😎. So, it changed to trance / techno. Since the 2010’s I also listen dark electro and future pop. This means, trance, dark electro and future pop are my preferred styles nowadays.

What are your music idols?

I don’t have idols. But, Depeche Mode and Moby probably have the biggest impact on my music.

Music of which artists do you listen nowadays?

CHROM, Covenant, Icon Of Coil, Moby, Ruined Conflict, Seabound, Seelennacht, SITD, Vanguard, “A State Of Trance” compilations and many more …

When and why did you start making music?

I remember the day my music teacher played an electronic Yamaha keyboard and I was flashed what big set of realistic and synthetic sounds are possible using electronic instruments. This day I decided to play electronic music. I went to a music school and learned playing piano. I bought a used Kawai K1 and I loved it. Much later, when I had the money, I decided to buy a G8 variant of the Roland Fantom G. It’s a fantastic workstation with 88 weighted keys. It is until today my main keyboard for recording. Later on I started producing music with Cubase and software based instruments on a Mac. And in 2016 I decided to start my own music project – called UNJEALOUS (as already mentioned).

Which instruments do you play?

Usually I play instruments with black and white keys (Roland Fantom G8). But, I also play drums (90’s Premier acoustic shell set with Paiste cymbals) – Best regards to my neighbours!!! 😀

Do you also sing?

Oh, I could probably sing in the opera because I learned singing on classic level at a music school in the 90’s. Hmmm, no, just kidding. I wasn’t bad but it’s too less to earn a lot of money. I have other talents 😅. Nowadays I only use snippets of my voice in my tracks.

What kind of music is created by UNJEALOUS?

For me it’s always too complicated to tell the exact style of music. Actually, I don’t like to associate it to a specific style. UNJEALOUS usually creates harmonic synth pad sounds with pushing pithy drums and arpeggiated dirty synth leads. Hope, this is a quite good description. Maybe Trance is probably not the worst choice. But, as always, it depends on the specific situation when I create a track, when I start to play around to get an idea for a new one…
But wait! Sometimes, when I listen ASOT compilations, I feel I could also create a techno or dark techno track… so, be patient, maybe some day I will….

What is your setup for producing music?

You can find this answer on the separate page Equipment.

What are the three most important things in your life?

My family, my family and my family.

If you have to travel to a desert island and you could bring only one thing with you – what is it?

Maybe Wilson. 😉

What is your biggest success in your music life?

Biggest success in my short public music life is the charity compilation for “Last night a DJ saved my life” together with the DeepDownDirty label from GB and other great artists. This is the best thing I can do – creating music to help other people, especially children. You can find this compilation here.

Do you plan to play music live?

Currently there is no plan to play live. I make music because it’s fun. I do not make music to become famous.

What are the plans for the future?

I have made a longer break because of some renovation in my house… Means, no special plans right now but making music again as soon as possible – and to publish it of course,

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