Welcome to UNJEALOUS!

I am an independent composer and producer of electronic music from Hanover (Germany).

I create my own tracks and also remixes for other artists (e.g. ResonanzKreis, Kenshi Kamaro, This Human Condition, WREKIT88).
I'm working on a compilation of tracks to be released end of 2019 at DeepDownDirty. I'm also supporting DeepDownDirty's special and remix projects as guest producer.

There is a project that is very important for me. It supports children in crisis and it has been released on 14/02/2019. Please do us a favor and order it! Every pound is important. You can order the album on Bandcamp lnadj.bandcamp.com.

If you are interested in work with me or in a remix, just let me know and send a message. You can contact me only via Facebook Messenger.

If you want to get news about my music automatically, you can join my mailing list on Reverbnation.

[updated 02/06/2019, UJ]


Find me also on:    Bandcamp  -  Facebook  -  Mixcloud  -  Reverbnation  -  Soundcloud  -  Trello  -  Twitter

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